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Moving Boxes (2018), from HELPERS – CHANGING HOMES
Pendant.  3-D digital print
Image: Yuka Oyama

About HELPERS-Changing Homes
HELPERS-Changing Homes investigates the experience of people whose lives are nomadic or uprooted many times. My research began with a series of interviews conducted while I was the Te Whare Hera artist-in-residence in Wellington, New Zealand. During the interviews I spoke to participants about their immigration experiences and the objects they carried with them to help create a sense of home.

Instead of revealing every private detail, I wanted to commemorate the experiences of my interviewees in an accessible and symbolic way. I decided to orchestrate a filmed performance, where I would turn their objects into wearable sculptures, which they would enact to represent the movements of the hermit crab, a creature who regularly swaps it shell – or home—for a new one.

About this pendant
The pendant, Moving Boxes is a 3-D digital print of the actual sculpture, which was scanned while being worn. This miniaturized figurine is a souvenir or an avatar of the person with her special object that materializes her personal history of migration.


Yuka Oyama is a cross-disciplinary artist, who is working in a place between wearable sculpture, contemporary art jewellery, installation, performance and video.

Oyama explores to understand how magic and emotionality in objects affect individuals to shape who they are, amplify imagination, and generate solidarity between people.

​Oyama’s wearable sculptural objects are personalized ‘costumes’ that reveal or conceal person’s (wearers) inner secretive worlds.

Oyama directs her wearers to engage in staged performances full of dark and dystopian visions, mechanical humans, futuristic human-object rituals, processions, and DIY exorcism, with a distinctive dose of slapstick humor.

​Yuka Oyama (b.1974, Tokyo, Japan) is a German artist who grew up in Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, USA, and Germany. She has lived and worked in Berlin since 2003. She obtained her BFA Jewelry and Light Metals from Rhode Island School of Design, Rhode Island (USA), MFA Fine Art and Art Jewellery from Munich Art Academy, Munich (Germany), and PhD Art and Craft from Oslo National Academy of Arts, Oslo (Norway).Oyama has been a grant recipient of the Asia New Zealand Foundation, the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme, the Japan Foundation, the Women in Research Programme at Monash University, and the German Academic Exchange Service.



Web: yukaoyama.com

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